Ethos x Spaceti : Living Lab

Smart Buildings


Ethos Engineering

Project Manager

Ethos Digital

Main Contractor


Project Size

300 sq.m

Project Status

In development

Project Features

Smart Building / Flexible Spaces / Place Activation / Analytical Insights

Project Objective

This project sets out to exhibit the concept of Place-activation, the ability to manage operations from the insights provided by Spaceti’s suite of occupancy and environmental IoT sensors. These location-based insights can be leveraged by businesses to better understand and connect with their clients.

Project Description

The Living Lab is a data-driven IoT engineering project, pioneered by the collaborative effort of Ethos Digital and Spaceti. Spaceti shares our ambition to become a trusted consultant of digitized buildings and flexible workspace technology, helping to better understand the performance of their assets and spaces, and reach their sustainability goals.

Once a level of IoT deployment has been achieved, the concept of the digital twin can be implemented into the building information model (BIM). This is a virtual model of the Living Lab, which will update in real-time according to the changes found by the IoT sensor layer in the physical spaces. This will allow visualisation of space utilisation, occupancy, and capacity, and can inform decisions about building operations, further providing utility for design-driven decisions.

Ethos Input

In a world that is becoming more and more data-driven, it is important to understand variables and metrics in data. Further to the engineering work described above, Ethos Digital has developed a metrics assessment framework to provide the necessary context for the sensor data provided by the IoT sensor layer, allowing it to be interpreted in a manner that provides solutions, rather than further questions.

Unique / Key Features

•Data-driven workplace

•IoT sensor layer

•Workplace technology mobile app

•UX design

•Data analytics

•Smart building systems

•Space utilization

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