Google Freeman House

Smart Buildings




MOLA Architecture

Project Size

3615 m2

Project Status

Complete 2023

Project Objective

Google’s aim is to create a Digital Building system that is open, secure, and digitally advanced. This infrastructure enables any device adopted by Google to seamlessly support various applications and use cases within its buildings. This capability, known as being "Smart Ready," ensures that devices can easily integrate and function within Google's digital ecosystem.

Building Operating System
The Building Operating System (BOS) Program and technological framework function as the medium through which Google's digital building strategy is executed. The initiative encompasses a range of products, solutions, strategies, standards, and integration methodologies, with the ultimate goal of constructing comprehensive end-to-end Digital Buildings within Google’s digital ecosystem.

Project Description
Google Freeman House in Eastpoint Dublin covers approximately 3,600 m2  over 3 floors and is an important step within Google EU workplace expansion plans as it is the first  building to successfully deliver on their full Smart Ready – BOS - requirements

Ethos Digital Input
Acting in the Digital Building Consultant, Ethos Digital were tasked primarily with delivering the smart ready project in line with Google BOS programme. The key areas targeted within the project scope were:

•Concise technical assessment of the gaps and opportunities within the base-build infrastructure, allowing for informed decision-making and strategic planning.

•Enhancing productivity, comfort, and convenience in the built environment by designing simple and smooth interactions for users, including smart technology, user interfaces, and data-driven insights.

•Developing detailed technical documents that outline the requirements, standards, and guidelines for integrating various subsystems and components within a building's infrastructure, ensuring smooth interoperability and optimal performance with Google independent data layer.

•Efficient planning, coordination, and execution of complex technical project aspects involving tasks, risk assessment, milestone tracking, and ensuring adherence to Google’s project specifications and construction timelines.

•Verifying and validating the functionality, performance, and compliance of systems and equipment data through on-site test and commissioning.

Unique Key Features
•By being Smart Ready - enables Google to effortlessly integrate future devices, systems and applications into the building's ecosystem, unlocking a plethora of smart functionalities, optimisations, and experiences.

UDMI validation ; allows for simplified integration, configuration, and monitoring of diverse devices, regardless of their manufacturers or protocols.

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