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Ethos Urbanism deliver high quality, innovative Mechanical, Electrical and Sustainable design solutions for clients within a range of sectors.

We are market leaders in High-End Commercial Office, Mixed Use Developments, Smart Building Fit Outs, Food and Beverage and Light Industrial Sectors.

We know how to make a real experience and our list of accolades and awards for both our staff and as a company mean we are a cut above the rest, delivering beyond client expectations.

Our talented team of engineers and technicians approach each project with enthusiasm and a “can-do” attitude which fosters excellent relationships with colleagues and clients within the industry. Driving meaningful innovation and the development of our team is a key priority for us and our growth ambitions are rooted in providing opportunities for every member of our team. 


The Urbanism Team at Ethos delivers quality, efficiency, and innovation for our Clients. The value we place on Client satisfaction is the cornerstone of the development of our fantastic team



Quality – All of our staff take great pride in delivering quality, which fosters a happy Urbanism team and satisfied Clients   

Efficiency – The experience of our team and how we resource our projects deliver timely, cost-effective solutions for our Clients

Innovation – Innovation is driven throughout the Urbanism team as a key priority with diversity and inclusivity a key contributor

Customer Satisfaction – Our clients' trust Ethos to work with them on multiple projects but as importantly, they also value our “Ethos personality”

Client focussed and innovative solutions are at the centre of the Urbanism Teams project delivery.  The key to this is our understanding of the client’s needs while providing a reliable and exceptional quality of service

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What Our Clients Say

"The Ethos design brought life to the bold architectural designs and gave a light, fresh feel to the space for the employees to work in.

Dave Merriman

T&I Fitouts Ltd.

They are true to what they say, represent Client interests, are open to feedback, improvement, are curious, and are always solid contributors to the team.

James Fee

Project Delivery, Design & Build at LinkedIn for EMEA & LATAM

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We know how to make a real experience and our list of accolades and awards for both our staff and as a company mean we are a cut above the rest.


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