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Smart building interact with the people, systems and external elements around them.

At Ethos Digital, our mission is to be the clear leader in the co-creation of intelligent buildings — buildings that affordably deliver life-enhancing, user-focused experiences, designed with people at their heart, while utilising the very best in digital innovation. Our collaborative approach means working with you every step of the way, to deliver solutions that far exceed your expectations.

By leveraging the power of data to deliver zero-carbon, person-centered experiences, we breathe new life into the traditional shell & core/fit-out models, through a range of previously unimagined, future-focused solutions.

The result is what we call ‘Place Activation’, a UX, design for performance model, which constantly evolves and adapts to facilitate effortless shifts between in-building and out-of-building user experiences.

Smart Buildings Capabilities

At Ethos Digital, we understand that the world is changing. Now, more than ever, creative solutions are needed to facilitate high evolved ways of working. Where once compliance was enough, now more innovative solutions are urgently required to meet the performance needs of end users.

Five Key Principles

Five Key Principles

Ethos digital employs five key principles to ensure our Intelligent Building Designs are both human-centric and developed on solid foundations of excellence. They are; Sustainability, Productivity, Experience, Efficiencies, and Safeguarding.

With each guiding principle, our aim is to activate the power of data, while creating a framework that enables human beings to interact productively - with each other, with internal systems and with their external environment.

Digital Sustainability

Digital Sustainability

We predict a big sea change in attitudes towards Sustainability going forward where the “scorecard box-ticking” of the past is no longer be good enough and where industry has an opportunity to lead from the front and embraces new technologies and processes. Significant international climate change reports and our own Climate Action Plan in Ireland point to the urgency of what’s required.

At Ethos Digital, Intelligent Buildings are designed to adapt and change in line with client needs. Employing a combination of rules -based programming, autonomous intelligence, and real time building information gathering, we create buildings that behave almost as though they were alive.

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"The Ethos team demonstrated expert knowledge, integrity, and a pro-active approach coupled with an impressive use of technological modeling, which allowed the project to be successfully delivered on time under demanding parameters"

Leslie Fitzpatrick

Collen Group Ltd.

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