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Project Size

12,500 sq.m

Project Status


Project Description

The project consisted of high technical office space development within the existing structure. The design programme was extremely tight to meet the overall construction programme. Ethos Engineering achieved every design target date set by the client. The project also included full IST (Integrated Systems Tests) commissioning and testing for the critical data centre.

Ethos Input

The mechanical design incorporated an electrical VRF system for phase 1 with high efficiency heat recovery ventilation.

Phase 2A incorporated an Active / Diri vent ventilation combination which was a first of its kind to have been undertaken. All air handling equipment incorporated high efficiency heat recovery. Additionally free cooling air cooled chillers were utilised with above conventional flow and return water temperatures. The hot water was generated by a number of high efficiency cascading modular boilers to closely meet the building load pattern. A high output kitchen also formed part of the phase 2A design as well as additional canteen space.

The phase 2b consisted of retrofit of existing VRF air conditioning installation. The DR room consisted of a concurrently maintainable chilled water system connected to inrow coolers. Additionally pressurisation ventilation and cold smoke exhaust systems formed part of the DR room. The phase 2C consists of an Active / Diri vent ventilation combination much like phase 2A.

The electrical distribution design for both UPS and Generator support was designed to provide future load growth without any impact to the business facility.

Unique / Key Features

• 2No. 1.6MVA cast resin close coupled transformers
• 4No. 1MV back-up diesel containerised generators (N +1 resilience for the Data Centre)
• Modular plug and play UPS system consisting of 4No. 600kva units operating in parallel
• High efficiency high output lighting mounted at 5M and centres of 6M to achieving excellent uniformity and light levels on work spaces
• Full KNX Dali lighting control system
• Plug and play high power distribution busbars for UPS and Raw power distribution
• Underfloor power track busbars & tap-offs to provide local power to desks
• Full fire suppression system with back-up reserve for the data centre

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