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New post-primary school to accommodate 1,000 pupils (mixed girls & boys) General teaching accommodation Specialist classrooms / workshops PE Hall Hard play courts and playing pitches Rain water harvesting Design to achieve A3 BER rating

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Project Description:
Naas Community School is proposed new post-primary school which accommodates 1,000 pupils (mixed girls and boys) in Naas, Co. Kildare.

The school has a gross floor area of 10,000m2 over three floors. The accommodation includes general teaching accommodation, specialist classrooms/workshops, PE Hall, a Special Needs Unit (SNU), hard play courts and playing pitches.

Ethos Input:
The mechanical services installation design includes heating, ventilation, water, gas, soils and wastes, and fire protection services. The electrical services design installation includes electrical supply, electricity centre and main distribution, power distribution services, lighting services, communication services, transport services and protective services.

Unique Key Features:
The proposed school has a BER A3 energy rated building, and makes use of all the latest technologies for efficient design and energy reduction. The client has requested that the facility be capable of monitoring and isolating all non-essential power supplies from distribution boards thus eliminating ‘vampire loads’ on circuits outside of school hours. A rain water harvesting facility will also be provided on the site to provide free, recycled water to the toilets within the building.

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