EdgeConnex Dublin

Data Centre




Gensler / Galligan Architects

Project Manager


Main Contractor


Civil Structural Engineers


Project Size

18 MW

Project Status

Complete September 2017

Project Description

This consists of 2 No. 5 MW COLO’s and 2 No. 4 MW COLO'S and associated electrical support rooms (Electrical Rooms, MDF Rooms, MV Rooms, etc)

Ethos Input

As part of the mechanical and electrical deliverables Ethos Engineering has been commissioned to provide the design through BIM and Revit MEP has been used for this project. The M&E services were developed to LOD 300 and transferred over to the main contractor to complete throughout the project. Ethos Engineering provided full electrical design services and Construction Administration support.

Unique / Key Features

The electrical support rooms are fully prefabricated pods that were manufactured off-site and positioned externally to the building to facilitate an accelerated construction programme. The cooling was achieved by a highly efficient DX cooling technology, utilising evaporative cooling to cool the server spaces. The project also involved infrastructure extension and resilience, in relation to site MV supplies and connection to other telecoms infrastructure.

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