The Benefits of Working With Ethos

At Ethos, we are proud to offer unrivalled benefits to our people, meeting them at every milestone of their career and each stage of their life.

With Ethos, you get more...

More career development, more support, more flexibility to suit your needs and lifestyle. Delivering above and beyond expectations is what we do best. At our core, we strive to be the company that people want to work with and for.

Imagine a 9 Day Fortnight

The 9-Day Fortnight is based on a compressed working week. Our team members are invited to work the equivalent of their 2 weeks spread over 9 days instead of 10, enabling them to take the tenth day off as a free day, empowering our people to take control over their work-life balance.

Learning & Development

We support our team members through every aspect of their career. At Ethos, we believe you can never stop learning. That is why we prioritise learning and career development as a vital element to our success as a company.

Evolve - Graduate Program

Evolve is Ethos’ tailored graduate programme, that kickstarts your career and allows you to develop essential technical and conceptual skills.  Our programme exposes graduates to competencies essential for a successful and lasting career. Evolve enables our graduates to progress new skills and knowledge through a fusion of focused learning, project-specific involvement, pragmatic tutoring, and formal training, while also offering insights and expertise from across the business.

The Evolve programme provides graduates with the necessary tools to succeed as their experience transitions from college to the realistic work world.


In alignment with our support towards personal career development, Ethos is dedicated to providing their engineers with the tools needed to succeed in chartership. We are happy to assist our people in any way we can when they are working towards chartership.

With regularly scheduled CPDs and mentorship like no other, Ethos gives our people the hands on experience that will set them up for success in their careers.

At Ethos, we provide more.

The benefits we offer are reached through continuous learning from and listening to our people. We aim to be a workplace where every team member is given the unique support they need.

Our success is because of our people, so we want to remain the place people want to work with and for.

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