Ethos is heading to Boston to continue Our Innovation Journey

25 Apr 22

It is no secret that Ethos Engineering is a champion for innovation. 

Following our Rockin’ Ethovation Awards, the Innovation Wall and our master planning and involvement in First Q Network’s inaugural Euro Innovation Awards, the dedication and perseverance in achieving excellence in innovation is at the core of Ethos’ mission.  

It is through the emphasis on innovation that Ethos has evolved and cultivated a culture that best serves the new and rising needs of our clients. 

That is why the Ethos’ Innovation 4 Growth team is heading to Cambridge, Massachusetts to attend a 4 -day Module with MIT Sloan School of Management from 24-27th April, 2022. 

The module is part 3 of Enterprise Ireland’s Innovation 4 Growth programme, which is aimed at assisting companies in: 

  • Delivering Innovation as a growth strategy 

  • Establishing or reconfiguring structure and processes to enable innovation 

  • Developing a culture of innovation throughout the organisation 


In attendance will be Colm Devin, Susan Cormican, Peter Whitty and Gavin Murphy who have been taking part in Enterprise Ireland’s Innovation 4 Growth course. Although Colin Quinn is not able to attend the module in Boston, he has a vital role within the Innovation 4 Growth Team in Ethos. 

The course includes in-person training modules from world renowned Innovation minds as well as focused coaching in conjunction with Enterprise Ireland and the Irish Management Institute.  

“The Innovation 4 Growth Programme has allowed us to gain so many vital skills to be stewards of innovation,” Gavin Murphy said. “The team is excited to embark on this next module in MIT, one of the world’s best business schools, which will even further our insights into leading a sustainable culture of innovation.” 

The module is designed to expand understanding of the leadership traits and practices needed to successfully grasp the opportunity afforded by the programme and, more specifically to understand what it will take to sustain the momentum beyond Ethos’ Innovation 4 Growth programme. 

The team is thrilled to be part of such an amazing programme that fosters innovation throughout every aspect of the business, Peter Whitty said.