Ethos Digital Expert Series 2 - The Living Lab

21 Apr 22

The Ethos Digital Team sees firsthand that the building industry is rapidly evolving. The industry has seen a shift in focus on building performance and reporting, where we are increasingly relying on data to navigate the built environment. Many of us desire for more of an understanding on how we utilise our spaces and measure the performance of our buildings.

Building technology advancements are increasingly becoming a priority to building owners and managers and they have a significant potential to support business growth, employee productivity and wellness, and tackle climate change. After all, buildings and construction are responsible for 39% of all carbon emissions in the world. Regulations from the EU Government, such as EU Taxonomy, are pushing the industry to deliver carbon neutral buildings and the focus on ESG reporting shows no sign of slowing down.

At Ethos Digital, we believe smart technologies is one of the key answers for tackling today’s problems and will prepare our buildings for the future.

This is why we created the Living Lab.

The Power of Data
Data is the most powerful tool to understand actual performance, drive change and make better decisions. We simply cannot manage what we are not measuring.

With continuous data collection in real time, Ethos Digital collaborated and identified challenges our clients are facing now and in the near future. We observed that there is an increasing investor demand for ESG, which requires deeper understanding of a buildings’ performance in sustainability and wellness. Users also demand transparency on carbon emissions and the environmental quality of their workplace to ensure of a safe return to office.

“Your facilities manager has more of an impact on your health than your doctor,” - Brian Coogan, Director of Ethos Digital

Currently, there is a lack of predictive and preventative abilities to control a live building environment, which limits building owners and managers to collect building data through multiple systems (multiple excel sheets!). We observed that many of them prefer to view various data sets on a single platform. Further, we identified that users are looking to play their part in driving operation changes towards sustainable and wellness goals and want a way of communicating their experiences for consideration.

After gathering these key findings, Ethos Digital put the data to use and brought forth an idea that solves all of these points of concern.

Solutions Delivered in Real Time
The creation of the Living Lab delivers vital solutions which are proven to address the identified challenges our clients are encountering as they strive to deliver healthier and more adaptable working environments.

With Ethos’ combined engineering, sustainable and digital skills, we are able to assess and visualise the performance of their buildings and make adjustments or designs for the environment accordingly.

Through the Living Lab, our clients benefit from clean, healthy environments that go above and beyond the increasing demand for workplace wellbeing.

As a result of the Living Lab, we can now provide key solutions including rapid acquisition and deployment of environmental (air quality, temperature, noise, light), building utilisation (occupancy, footfall) and metering (gas, waste, water) data and deriving design insights from them.

Our clients are now able to utilise a single online platform that joins these various data sets onto one visual format, which allows for trend analysis and conveying data insights.

With the growing pressure on ESG and workplace health, clients can fulfill those expectations of the built environment.

We can analyse this data to gain valuable insights and drive positive change towards a healthier, more sustainable, and productive space.

Clients also have access to comprehensive digital visualisation of the building, which is hosted on our online platform.

The Living Lab has the capability to display various data metrics tailored to a certain space and will be interactive with users at the building manager’s discretion.

In addition, a mobile application for tenant engagement gives the end user visualisation and management of their environment, which creates a more comfortable space that the end user can understand and control.

Overall, the Living Lab provides a variety of crucial solutions that are necessary in order for clients to keep up with the demanding and everchanging building industry.

To find out how Ethos Digital can help create the perfect environment for workplace wellbeing, contact us today and let us help you create a space that works for your people.

Brian Coogan
Director - Digital
Ethos Engineering
t: +353 (0)86 829 9997

Muge Karasahin
Digital Sustainability Lead
Ethos Engineering
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