Celebrating National Workplace Wellbeing Day 2022

29 Apr 22

In celebration of National Workplace Wellbeing Day, Ethos Engineering is proud to share some insights on how we have built our culture of wellness and actively listen to our people in everything we do.

While this is just one day to celebrate milestones of wellness within our company, Ethos lives and breathes this culture every day through many different aspects to suit our people’s needs.

Wellness is multidimensional.  Therefore, our wellness strategy covers 4 key pillars: physical, social, emotional and financial. Ethos actively works towards meeting these pillars in all of our wellness resources and investments for our people.

Some of our wellness initiatives and activities for May include:

Ethos Wellness Committee
The Ethos Wellness Committee is a space open to all Ethos team members to join, where we have weekly meetings to plan and execute wellness initiatives for company-wide involvement.

Hybrid Working Environment
Ethos prioritises a flexible working environment that accommodates our people’s lives and meets their needs. Hybrid working enable our people to have more choice and freedom as to how and where they work, while critically allowing them to spend less time commuting.

9 Day Fortnight
One of our biggest initiatives in workplace wellness is the introduction of the 9 Day Fortnight. As part of our regular listening process, we became aware of how keen our team were to work in a new way. They spoke and we listened and, as a result, from May 2022, we’re proud to introduce a 9 Day Fortnight Every second Friday from 13th May ‘22, will be a Free Day.  We also believe that this new initiative will achieve higher levels of service with even more purpose, energy, efficiency and innovation from the Ethos team

Step Into Summer Wellness Challenge
The Step Into Summer Wellness Challenge begins on 1st May and runs until the end of the month. This challenge encourages our people to prioritise their health and get active. The challenge recommends team members aim for 10,000 steps each day and do what they can to keep active.

Darkness Into Light Team
Ethos is taking part in the Darkness Into Light walk on 7th May. This wonderful event is raising funds for Pieta House. This organisation provides a free one-to-one counselling service for those struggling with mental health or those bereaved by mental health related issues. Ethos’ goal is to raise €1000 for the charity so that Pieta House can continue their great work and support. Donate to our fundraiser here.

Tea & Chat
Twice a week, Ethos holds Tea & Chat teams meetings where our people can grab a cup of tea and take some time to talk to their colleagues and get to know each other better. This serves our social aspect of wellness, where we can get to know people a bit more who we maybe have not interacted with as often as our direct team members.

WELL Performance Rating
Ethos is pursuing the new WELL Performance Rating. The WELL Performance Rating helps organizations implement best practices for continuous monitoring and performance across key Indoor Environmental Quality metrics related to:

  • Air Quality

  • Water Quality

  • Thermal Comfort

  • Acoustics

  • LIghting

  • Occupant Experience

The Ethos Living Lab
The Living Lab has the capability to display various data metrics tailored to a certain space, continuously assessing the healthiness of our workplace environment. Through the Living Lab, we have been collecting air quality and thermal comfort data since November 2021. With this, we ensure that our office environment is meeting the health needs of our people.

Wellness Library
Ethos is currently developing a Wellness Library, that will be one platform for our people to utilise for anything related to our wellness resources.

Employee Assistance Programme
Through our partnership with Laya Healthcare, Ethos provides 24/7 access to their Employee Assistance Programme. EAP provides support to our people with resources for any personal or work-related problems they could be facing.

Environmental, social and governance criteria is a main priority for Ethos. Our path to net-zero is something we assess and work towards actively, with a commitment to doing no harm to our environment. There is immeasurable value in ESG initiatives and Ethos is adapting our business to be a better steward for ESG and the future.

While there are many resources outlined above, it is only a few of the initiatives we are taking to be champions for wellness. Ethos is dedicated to continuing our commitment to wellness for our people – throughout every aspect of our lives.

Happy Workplace Wellness Day from all of us at Ethos.